Happy International Coffee Day 2020

This year’s International Coffee Day 2020 comes in quite an odd and peculiar time.

With the world still adapting to the COVID-19 new way of living, this year’s focus is on supporting those who have been struck the most by the pandemic and are suffering from the economic consequences.


The young generation

As the coffee price crisis has been intensified by the outburst of COVID-19, the life of many coffee farmers and their families is more and more at risk. For this reason, many young farmers in producing countries decide to move away from the family businesses to search for more lucrative job opportunities elsewhere.

Not only in the coffee producing countries and of course, not only the younger generation. But in general roasters, entrepreneurs, coffee shop owners and all those who had just started with new business ideas or where working on a not too stable business model, have been economically affected by the current situation.

Happy International Coffee Day 2020
Young women in Ethiopia doing the coffee cherry selection

Looking to the future

But what is there to do? We definitively have to look to the future and see the possibilities of change and evolution. What have we learned from this time of “introspection” and re-organization? What are the important values we would like to take with us into the future? Which are the business models that last?

These are all topics many companies, and also ours are facing today.

Sustainability in coffee

What we agree on within Mokaflor and the teams of Espresso Academy (our school for coffee lovers and experts) and Caffèlab (our Specialty coffee online laboratory) is that now more than ever our goals are clear and our vision strong: our main focus is on creating a sustainable coffee chain.

From a tight collaboration with plantations that practice a sustainable agriculture, to traceable sourcing of green coffee, to the advancing of our roasting procedures while maintaining quality at the center of our attention, to the well-being of our co-workers and education of baristas and costumers worldwide.


Happy International Coffee Day 2020
Mokaflor Concept Store in Bahrain